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Write what should not be forgotten!

A Self-Published Author and Ghostwriter. An excellent communicator in both written and spoken form, with a keen sense for detail and a thirst for creativity. As a Ghostwriter, I am ready to write your story for you or with you. I also write professional-grade content for varying industries, with an emphasis in education, PR and marketing. 


What is a Ghostwriter?

A Ghostwriter is someone hired to author a book or other content that someone else will be credited for.  Basically, you're paying someone to write your book or content for you. Ghostwriting options consist of:

1.  A Done With You service (Book coaches & Co-Authors) 

2. A Done For You service. (Ghostwriter writes the book or content for you)


Don’t have time to write your book, but still want to establish yourself as a published author? Hire me!  Hiring a ghostwriter is not uncommon. Celebrities, politicians, speakers, life coaches, and other professionals hire ghostwriters to write their content or a book. Which is a great option to establish oneself as an expert in his/ her industry. I provide Done With You & Done For You writing services.  

Here’s a few things I’m extremely good at and can help you with

  • Ghostwriting

  • Self-Publishing

  • Novel / book writing

  • Screenwriting / Scriptwriting

  • Help write virtual training scripts

  • Content writing (Websites, brand language, etc.)

  • Help with marketing concepts and development

Consultations For You:

I do private consulting for companies and individuals. No assignment too BIG or small.

  • Content writing

  • Ghostwriting books, articles, etc.

  • Business Names | Taglines | Slogans

  • Photoshoot Themes & Development

  • Creative Direction | Marketing | Web Content…and more

Let’s Work Together!

Book a 1-hour Video Consultation with me.  Click the Consultation link below, make your payment, and we will schedule a 1-hour video consultation via Zoom or Google. To review some of my writing samples, return to the Ghostwriting Info & Samples page.

Here’s a few things that we can do together virtually:

  • Write together

  • Brainstorm together

  • Give you creative guidance and direction 

  • Review / critique your material (Anything you’ve already started)


Each Consult entails:

  • 1-hour video consultation

  • Will focus on your needs

  • Getting some real writing done on the spot

  • Give you creative guidance and direction on your project

  • Help you discover what you actually need…if you don’t know what you need…and more

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