A Self-published Author and a sought-after Freelance Ghostwriter. An excellent communicator in both written and spoken form, with a keen sense for detail and a thirst for creativity. As a Ghostwriter, I am ready to write your story for you or with you. I also write professional-grade content for varying industry’s, with an emphasis in Healthcare providing Education, PR, and Marketing content. Often times, small changes in wording can direct more traffic to your business, which drives sales. Yes, Traffic Drives Sales!


What is a Ghostwriter?

A Ghostwriter is someone hired to author a book or other content that someone else will be credited for.  Basically, you're paying someone to write your book or content for you. Ghostwriting options consist of:

1.  Use a “Done With You” service (Book coaches & Co-Authors) 

2. Use a “Done For You” service. (Ghostwriter writes the book or content in its entirety with information provided by the you)


Don’t have time to write a book, but still want to establish yourself as a published author? Hire me.  Hiring a ghostwriter is not uncommon. Celebrities, politicians, speakers, life coaches, and other professional people hire ghostwriters to write their content or a book. Which is a great option to establish oneself as an expert in his/ her industry.

Here’s a few things I’m extremely good at, and can help you with

  • Ghostwriting

  • Screenwriting / Scriptwriting

  • Write a novel

  • Content writing

  • Help write virtual training scripts

  • Help write Email Autoresponders

  • Help with marketing concepts and development

  • Help write content (Websites, brand language, etc...)

Consultations For You:

I do private consulting for companies and individuals. No assignment too BIG or small.

  • Ghostwriting books, articles, etc.

  • Copy / Content writing

  • Business Names | Taglines | Slogans

  • Photoshoot Themes & Development

  • Creative Direction | Marketing | Web Content…and more

Let’s Work Together!

Book a 1-hour Video Consultation with me.  Click the Consultation link below, make your payment, and we will schedule a 1-hour video consultation via Zoom or Google. To review some of my work, click the Talva's Portfolio button below.

Here’s a few things that we can do together virtually:

  • Copywrite together

  • Brainstorm together

  • Give you creative guidance and direction

  • Review / critique your material (Anything you’ve already started)


Each Consult entails:

  • 1-hour video consultation

  • Will focus on your needs

  • Getting some real writing done on the spot

  • Give you creative guidance and direction on your project

  • Help you discover what you actually need…if you don’t know what you need…and more

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