Little girls grow up to be young ladies that may need reassurance from time to time. Let’s teach them how to reassure and affirm themselves with these daily affirmations.


By incorporating these affirmations into her morning routine, you will feel confident knowing that you’ve started your daughter’s day with; good energy, good emotions, and a good spirit. Not to mention, a lifetime of self-esteem, and self-assuredness. 


Have her Sing-A-Long with Kiya, Harper, Mila, Aiko, Amal, and Brooklyn to get her day started!


These affirmations will help your daughter blossom into a young lady that believes in herself, loves herself, and is confident in the skin she’s in.


After all, when she feels good, she will do good. 

My Daily Affirmations Reading Book

  • Start each day with confidence and joy by reciting your daily affirmations with Kiya, Harper, Mila, Aiko, Amal, and Brooklyn.